How to get started

In order to get started with the Surgery In Motion School platform, you will need to login with your EAU account. EAU members with an  membership automatically have access to all the content on the Surgery In Motion School platform. If you do not have an EAU membership, please contact us to request an access key. Mail to: All requests will be reviewed and if your request is approved, you will receive an email with your access key.



How to navigate

At our homepage you find our monthly updates on new videos and surgeons and special cases. Use the navigation arrows to see what’s new. 

The Surgery in Motion School offers you two ways to seek out your favorite procedure(s), specific step(s) and surgeon(s):

  • Advanced search engine
  • Tablet- and mobile-friendly search engine


When using the ‘Advanced search engine’, you will be able to search for your favorite procedure(s), specific step(s) and surgeon(s) using a combination of keywords.

If you are using our quick ‘Tablet- and mobile-friendly search engine’, visit the Home page and start by choosing desired organ and disease. Next, select your procedure. Finally, select your preferred technique.

Start educating yourself

Step 01. Login to your account

Step 02. Search

Step 03. Start learning

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