An alternative to conventional laparoscopy when looking for virtually scarless surgery is mini-laparoscopy, a reproducible technique that preserves the triangulation concept. A drawback of this approach is the poor image quality provided by mini-scopes. The introduction of the SPIEs technology, a novel endoscopic camera allowing for better visualisation of anatomic details even with 3-mm optics, has boosted the use of a mini-laparoscopic approach in our centre for laparoscopic partial nephrectomy (LPN) to treat low-complexity renal masses.

Recommended reading:
Mini–Retroperitoneoscopic Clampless Partial Nephrectomy for “Low-complexity” Renal Tumours (PADUA Score ≤8) Porpiglia, Francesco et al.
European Urology , Volume 66 , Issue 4 , 778 - 783