3-II. Isolating the renal artery



Title: 3-II. Isolating the renal artery
Date: 24-02-2017


Isolating the Renal Artery

  • For left-sided tumors, the psoas muscle can be followed to the para-aortic nodes. Dissection then needs to “jump over” the nodes in order to find the renal artery and avoid dissecting behind the aorta.
  • For right-sided tumors, the psaos muscle should be followed carefully to the site of pulsation where the renal artery can be found behind the vena cava
  • Visualization of pulsations should be used to help localize the renal artery.
  • Adequate tissue tension using the 3rd arm Prograsp and another arm when necessary is key to an effective dissection. Hand-over hand technique may be required as the dissection is carried out medially toward the great vessels. 



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