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Docking the robot A. Kutikov

Docking the robot



Title: Docking the robot
Date: 17-02-2017


Docking the Robot

  • The robot is docked at the head of the patient with maximal distance from the operating table (distal “sweet spot” on the Si system)
  • While the camera is manipulated manually, each working arm is docked separately and guided into the retroperitoneal space under direct vision -- monopolar scissors, bipolar Maryland, and Prograsp are usually used. A clip applier can be used instead of the Prograsp in order to optimize cost-effectiveness. 
  • The camera is held in the camera port by the assistant, while all instruments are guided into the same location behind the kidney’s lower pole. The camera robotic arm is then docked last; otherwise, direct visualization of the instruments entering the body can be difficult. 

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