A. Mattei


A. Mattei


Agostino Mattei graduated in 1995 from the school of medicine at the University of Basel, Switzerland. In 2003, he obtained his medical specialist title for urology and urological surgery at the University Hospital in Bern. A year later, he became “Fellow of the European society of Urology” in Paris. Since 2013, Prof. Dr. Mattei has been awarded the “venia legendi" as associate professor at the University of Geneva, Switzerland. Since 2017 he was promoted as titular professor of urology. Prof. Mattei also graduated as eMBA at the University of St. Gallen.

During his urological career, Prof. Mattei was resident and later staff member at the University Hospital of Bern under the leadership of Prof. Urs Studer from the years 1998-2006. During these years, he was trained in and practiced conventional open urological surgery. In 2006, Prof. Mattei was introduced to laparoscopic surgery during a fellowship under the lead of Richard Gaston at the Clinique St. Augustin, Bordeaux. Since 2007 Prof. Mattei settled in the Luzerner Kantonsspital in Switzerland and since 2016 he leads the urological department as head of department.

Prof. Mattei was the responsible for the introduction of robotic surgery in the Luzerner Kantonsspital since 2012 and also was consulted by the Kantonsspital St. Gallen and Lausanne University Hospital for the introduction of robotic surgery programs and for teaching purposes during one respectively two years.

Over the years, Prof. Mattei focused on research and training in robotic surgery and published several articles about this topic. Prostate cancer and lymphadenectomy are special interests of Prof. Mattei. He is known for the robotic lymph node dissection with “monoblock”-technique, which permits to obtain a single lymphatic tissue block from each side at the end of the procedure